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The Pitch

We have devised a way for men to participate in family planning. We are introducing EMIT, an alternative option that is an effectively removable, long-lasting male contraceptive that is non-toxic, non-hormonal, natural, sustainable, and minimally invasive designed for a lifetime of repeatable use.

the Problem

Men have been sidelined, and not given the opportunity to have equal ownership in family planning. In addition, there are no alternative options for male sterilization.


EMIT, a novel male contraceptive which is an injectable hydrogel into the vas deferens that is natural, non-hormonal, removable, minimally invasive, and cost-efficient. EMIT provides two layers of protection and can be easily removed at any time.


Our initial focus is 72 million men in the US between the ages of 18 and 64, with a potential market of 2 billion men globally. MTology Innovations has decided its target market starts at the minimum age of 18 due to the time for men's reproductive system to mature. 

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